Religion On Children

Why The Liberal/National Coalition in Australia Are Sabotaging Gay Marriage

September 4th, 2017

The problem began with the last Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, his involvement with the Catholic Church, which strongly opposes a change to the marriage act, goes back decades. He was once a member of the seminary where he studied to become a priest. His good friend is a certain Cardinal, who is soon to stand trial for pedophilia, as so many others are or have done recently. The latter fills the number 3 post at the Vatican.

The Catholic religion was established by Constantine in 325 AD and is based on huge lies and deception. This emperor was Islamic in his religion because he descended from the Amor, who built Roma (reverse Amor) and hid their previous history under the guise of the Romans. Their brutality, violence, and empire building followed their previous behaviour.

Constantine was obsessed with sole rule when he succeeded his father to the purple. Contemporary authors, such as Sozoman, noted that he had a plan in mind from the beginning to formulate a system by which he could carry it out. That involved the religion and the Vatican, which he built over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English).

He used that parliament to force everyone into the religion and dissenters were tortured and murdered. His edicts to this effect have survived (Huttman 1915).

The Islamic religion of the Assyrians was complex and important to note. At the heart of it was Mary, the sun-star, whose symbol appears on the flag of Islam, over the mosques, and over the law of just about every country. They believed that by the messages handed down from the sun via the high priest was her directions and that could not be ignored. The Pope now follows in the same vein.

They worshipped a Trinity god-head and Dagon, the fish god, was the Christ. That is why a fish is still the symbol for Christianity. The priest who interpreted the law wore a fish over his body with the large open mouth head over his skull, and the Pope’s mortar and tail is almost identical by comparison. There are images of this on the Internet http://romancatholicbeliefs.org/roman-catholic-church-pagan-god-symbols/ for those interested enough to look.

With its long history of violence, deceit, and plagiarism the Church is now trying desperately to stop things like gay marriage, or anything else that gets in the way of its sacraments. These rituals all follow those of Babylon and Mary is its chief God. Men who ‘marry’ Mary, such as the priests, cannot take a woman but they can use children to satisfy their sexual urges.

Every religion comes from sun-worship and my reincarnation proves that there is no heaven or hell and everyone has returned to life. That is stated in Job 5:19-21 where it notes that there are six reincarnations before the seventh, which we are about to face as the end of the day is in sight.

The ignorance of the origin of religions and the number of Catholic politicians has allowed the situation that prevails now in the Australian Government. While they are deliberately sabotaging gay marriage and refusing to pass a law in parliament they are dividing the country. The hate messages are already appearing and will worsen before the matter is finalised.

What Is Anxiety and How Do We Get Past It?

August 16th, 2017

Everyone feels anxiety to some degree as we face life’s challenges, but for some the symptoms persist and that is when problems may emerge. It is also a warning that something is wrong creating a need to ponder what that is and correct either our thoughts, actions, or attitudes. As a councillor of many years’ experience and one who is spiritually connected there have been many who have come to me for help.

In some cases, I have gone to them because the Spirit is targeting them and wanting their attention. Let me explain that through a case study.

One day a phone book fell from the table some feet in front of me. It had opened at a page with church listings. Picking it up two of those listed stood out like beacons. Calling the first number a man named John answered. He was a minister in the Uniting Church not far from my home.

Not knowing why, I asked him for an appointment. It was arranged for 2p.m that day, which was a Friday. The second one organised a meeting for Monday at midday.

Without a clue as to what would happen the power grew with each passing minute. Just as I was ready to leave the Spirit told me to get some bread. When driving to the meeting the power was so strong it was hard to drive the car. Knocking on his door John opened it and invited me in.

He had a strange look as he boiled water for coffee. “God sent me.” The words were involuntary and just popped out. The tears welled and ran down his cheek. He later told me he was intending to commit suicide because he felt trapped in a religion that he no longer had faith in. The bread was to show him how God’s spiritual children are like bread that can be taken back and moulded back into the original form.

This taught me a lot about anxiety because it comes from deep within our psyche and it is the Spirit applying pressure to get us to change what we are doing. This is not something psychiatrists or councillors would normally address but in the people who come to me once they accept this as a reason for their condition healing is instant.

This is how God works. When we are outside our comfort zone we experience anxiety. When we fear things or when we are threatened it increases enormously. Our blood pressure rises and if the situation is not resolved serious health problems may result. Suicide is an option when it appears to be the only way out.

Anyone who is in that state needs to examine where they are in relation to their spirituality. My reincarnation and link to the Spirit gave me knowledge that heaven and hell are myths. Religious institutions use the threat of hell to make people conform to their ways and this is where many are so misled and forced against their will that death becomes a safer option. It was this way with John.

Freedom of Religion? Freedom of Choice?

December 9th, 2016

The appellation “freedom of religion” (or “freedom of belief,” as Wikipedia puts it) is a assumption that supports the appropriate of an alone or community, in accessible or private, to apparent religious behavior through teaching practices, adoration and observances. We aswell accept the abandon to leave or abandon associates in a adoration or religious accumulation if we so choose. I’m adored to reside in the United States, area we’re adequate by laws that acquiesce us to exercise our own acceptance as we see fit; area abandon of adoration is commingled with and inseparable from abandon of speech. But absolutely how chargeless are we in absolutely cogent our best of religion?

Of course, abounding places in the apple do not accept any abandon of religion, but for the purposes of this article, I would like to apply accurately on developed Western nations. Common convenance in places like the U.S. is to actualize the apparition of such abandon while accompanying anarchic on the rights of the accouchement to absolutely appoint in religious choice. While it may complete abnormal to allege of accouchement accepting abandon of choice, a minimum age is not referenced by our Constitution in our appropriate to advisedly exercise religious beliefs.

Recently, I abounding a teacher-parent appointment at my son’s academy area I abstruse of a new action to advance anniversary alone child’s adeptness to anticipate for themselves. Naturally, I agreed with this premise. Rather than just blame them all in the aforementioned direction, such an action (if appropriately executed) will acquiesce them to chargeless their apperception at an aboriginal age. Afterwards all, a lot of of us wish our accouchement to become leaders rather than followers, right? Thinkers rather than button-pushers?

Have you anytime asked your adolescent what she wants to be if she grows up? Of advance you have. You wish your adolescent to accurate her own uniqueness, set career goals and accomplish them in any way possible. And you will accommodate her the abandon to accept how she goes about these things. You will do all that it takes to accessible her apperception to the countless of possibilities out there, but for some reason, you will not do the aforementioned with religion. No, this is area you draw the line. This is area you’ll echo what was already done to you. This is area abandon of best ends. You see, the abandon to accept a adoration is not for your kids.

One day while active to dinner, I overheard my eight-year-old son and his acquaintance in the aback bench arguing about the actuality of the devil. While my son took a position adjoin it, his acquaintance insisted that the devil is in actuality real. Finally, they both absitively to ask me for description on whether the devil exists. Now my atheism in the devil’s actuality is no abstruse to those who apperceive me, but I aswell don’t accept it’s able for me to access my son’s acquaintance in the absence of his parents. So instead, I asked how it is that either of them can apperceive whether the devil absolutely exists or not, to which my son’s acquaintance replied that his parents had told him so. My son didn’t animadversion further, but I knew at the time I accept to accept had an aftereffect on him through the years. Afterwards all, he is my son and is traveling to be decumbent to my beliefs.

A child’s academician development is a lot of analytical amid bearing and age three, and it is in those years that a lot of of the advice he receives becomes imbedded in his mind. During this time, any religious commodity by his parents will charge his psyche, ultimately arch to brainy rigidity, single-mindedness, and animosity of answerability if he one day seeks to change those beliefs. I apperceive it aboriginal hand, as I overcame my own religious upbringing. But even afterwards the ability I accustomed from my spirit guides, I still begin myself angry to bright abroad the answerability of black my parents.

I apperceive it’s absurd for a lot of parents to even absorb the angle of giving their adolescent accouchement abandon to accept their own religious beliefs. However, for those who catechism their acceptance after in life, but can’t escape the after guilt, apperceive that it is absolutely accessible to afford behavior absolute in us from birth. You can abandoned your mind, alpha beginning and be answerability free.

I admiration what would appear if all we knew was what our parents told us, which was what our grandparents told them, and so on and so forth. Area would this apple be if not for innovation? Look at a scientist, any scientist, who has excelled in his field. At some point, he bare to afford aggregate he anticipation he knew in adjustment to accretion new paths of ability and after carbon the science books. His newfound ability aided in accessible humanity. Similarly, adoration accept to advance or our adherence will suffer.

It is acute that the spirits’ bulletin of broad-mindedness abide constant. To accumulate an accessible mind, we accept to abandoned all of the advice we were force-fed as children. (In a after article, I will acquaint you accurately how.) But why accept to we do so? Because adoration has stagnated in its evolution, bankrupt its doors on innovation. Adoration will not accord our accouchement the abandon to anticipate for themselves. In fact, it’ll do just the opposite. So if adoration will not advance organically, we accept to carefully do it instead. We accept to adapt the next generation, even with the disapproval of our parents, in adjustment to advice our accouchement advance spiritually.

I’m a Pathian; therefore, I’ll acquiesce my son to catechism my way. I’ll acquiesce him the abandon to adjudge whichever aisle he wants to walk, even if it’s in adverse to my beliefs. I’ll consistently advise him to account all religions, behindhand of his claimed assessment of them. Now it’s time for you to ask yourself, “Can I do the same? Can I accumulate an accessible mind? Can I adulation my kids unconditionally, behindhand of which aisle they pick? Can I accommodate them the aisle of their choosing, answerability free?” It’s time to akin the arena field. It’s time to about-face our focus to the change of our spirituality. It’s time to exercise a accurate abandon of religion.

Children’s Judaica – Get Your Kids Excited About Judaism!

December 5th, 2016

When a lot of humans anticipate of Judaica, they account admirable argent menorahs, Kiddush cups, Seder plates, and books, books, books. Of course, all of these items abatement beneath the Judaica umbrella, but it’s important to bethink the Judaica articles advised accurately for children! From toys to books and media to busy Yarmulkes, children’s Judaica can be a abundant way to get adolescent humans aflame about their religion.

Young accouchement can beef up on their ability of Jewish traditions with simple and fun toys advised just for them. For example, Aleph-Bet’s alluring lath and belletrist are colorful, simple accoutrement created to accustom accouchement with the Jewish alphabet. Additionally, Kidkraft produces artificial anniversary dinners themed about archetypal Passover, Rosh Hashana, and Shabbat commons – acceptance accouchement to apprentice about Jewish traditions while indulging in their adulation to imitate the “grown ups.”

Books, DVDs, and music are additionally absurd assets to affix accouchement with their faith. Some books are primarily informative, such as the Rabbi Mordecai Plaut’s argument “6 Constant Mitzvos – A Adolescent Child’s Guide to Acceptance and Belief,” as able-bodied as “A Aboriginal Book of Jewish Bible Stories” by Julie Downing. These will advice your adolescent accept what it agency to be Jewish, in both accomplished and present contexts. For some lighter reading, accede Rebecca Klempner’s “A Dozen Daises for Raizy – A Shavous Story” and Yael Mermelstein’s “A Car That Goes Far.” Both of these books accommodate amusing belief that animate administration and generosity.

Music is accession outstanding aspect of children’s Judaica, whether you plan to adore it as a ancestors aggregate about the stereo, or artlessly in the accomplishments as you drive your accouchement to a soccer meet. For added than 30 years, the accepted 613 Torah Avenue alternation has bugged accouchement and adults alike. Each aggregate follows the capital character, Chaim, in a altered environment, cogent the adventure through alternating sketches and songs. 613 Torah Avenue appearance melodies from acceptable Jewish tunes, in accession to cartoon from folk and avant-garde music – sounds like the absolute compound for a diverse, educational acquaintance in song!

As for DVDs, accouchement of all ages adulation the Agent Emes series, which explores axiological Jewish concepts as encountered by the adorable appellation character. The aboriginal video, for example, follows Agent Emes as he tries to save Rosh Hashana from the angry Dr. Lo Tov, who has attempted to befoul the ram’s horns. Accouchement are on the bend of their seats as this acute abstruseness unravels, all the while acquirements about shofar, adequate habits, and one of our religion’s a lot of important holidays.

Another way to get accouchement agog about their Jewish ancestry is through their wardrobe. It’s simple to acquisition a Judaica abundance abounding with hand-painted articles featuring some of accepted culture’s a lot of admired characters. For example, accouchement can appear temple cutting suede or clover yarmulkes busy with images of Bob the Builder, Batman, Scooby Doo, Star Wars characters, and more. Or for something beneath commercial, children’s kippahs are aswell accessible with paintings of dinosaurs, trains, and even the banderole of Israel. Similarly, you can accomplish cutting Tzitzits fun by selecting apparel featuring the aforementioned amusing adornments.

So, next time you’re arcade a Judaica abundance for a new Kiddush cup, yield a moment to bethink the little ones at home.

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